Sometimes You Have To Frequently Ask, ‘Is It Worth It?’


Sometimes You Have To Frequently Ask, ‘Is It Worth It?’


The title of this blog is not to question if your goal, business or ambition is worth it, but rather are the things you are doing to achieve these things are worth it? This is suggesting that before pursuing that goal, business or ambition you have already confirmed it as worth it.

There have been many examples of individuals who work to stay busy and have nothing to show for it. The difference between being busy and productive is often overlooked. Many of us have heard the saying, ‘Work smarter, not harder’. This saying refers to making sure your work has purpose and moves you closer to your goals verse just doing things to feel as if progress is being made. Frustration can occur for those whose head is buried in a list of ‘to-do’s’ and once they look up are still in the same place that they started.

I prefer to work both smarter and harder. The order of ‘smarter’ and ‘harder’ is very important to note, because if you work smarter you allow yourself to have the energy to work harder on those ‘smarter’ tasks. If you work smarter, it eliminates many things that have no purpose and save your energy for the work that will make a difference. Often times there are situations where people will work so hard by the time they get to a task that really matters they are too drained to complete it properly. Working smarter will allow them to avoid spreading themselves too thin.

Working harder and not working smarter slows down the progress of success, can cause stress, break you down mentality and physically. It is very important to grasp this concept in order to move forward with the things that you want to enjoy in life. To also have time for the things that matter in life like family.

I catch myself doing a lot of busy work too, wanting to work hard but neglect that not everything is necessary to do. One big thing that helps me stay focused on my goals is asking myself ‘is it worth it’ about every task. Now that doesn’t mean I just want to do the bare minimal. I want to be able to access my full energy mentally and physical for a task that would be most beneficially. It can also allow me to work on other things if I was able to cut down my work load working smarter. This is why I enjoy working smarter and harder.

Let’s not overwhelm ourselves with busy work that does not allow us to move forward in our lives, but work smarter so if you’re an individual who loves to work you’ll be able to allocate time to work smarter on other things as well.

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