What happens when you don’t get the results you expected


What happens when you don’t get the results you expected

You get mad? You get hurt? You start to search for where the blame should be placed? If you do, that’s alright, we all have, but it is great to remember in all situations that you can’t control results you can only control effort.

Being a formal athlete I have learned that proper preparation is key to anything you set your mind to in life.  That things must be carefully thought and planned out. That in the beginning you must measure how much you really want the desired end result and how much it will take to accomplish it.  What it may take is only up to your discretion because not everyone starts at the same place in life. For example, when I decided to try-out for the volleyball team in Jr. High, I realized that some of my peers had previous experience in volleyball camps and AAU.  I on the other hand, was just learning the concept of the game let alone learning the proper exercises it took to play the game.  I knew in order to compete and be on the team I have to workout longer, I had to research the game a bit longer than my peers, because they were well ahead of me.  It took me until my sophomore year to make the team and I was excited, even ended up the end of my junior year considering an athletic scholarship.

I will be honest, that I have lost more that I have won, and every single time that I have won, because of those loses winning was so much greater.  Now when I am references winning, I am not only talking about winning a game, but being able to accomplish something I wasn’t able to do before, like spiking a ball, making an ace, advancing the number of points I scored, etc.

When getting an unfavorable result, you must always remember that how you respond to it determines your next success and goals.  Also, through those unfavorable results, you must realized that the effort you put in has made you better and that much closer to success.  Not everything is in our control and knowing this can make life a lot more livable and enjoyable.

This concept can be used in the business world as well. Owning your own business, working to gt promoted to the next promotion, getting the next sell is not easy.  It is very important to understand that one will receive more ‘no’s’ than they will a ‘yes’ and with that it doesn’t measure your worth.  If you have a desire and really want something accomplished never give up, search for unconventional ways to accomplish something, there is never one way to do anything.

So enjoy your life, enjoy the process, enjoy your everyday growth, because when the effort you can control pays off you will be mighty glad about the results.

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