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What happens when you don’t get the results you expected

You get mad? You get hurt? You start to search for where the blame should be placed? If you do, that’s alright, we all have, but it is great to remember in all situations that you can’t control results you can only control effort.

Being a formal athlete I have learned that proper preparation is key to anything you set your mind to in life.  That things must be carefully thought and planned out. That in the beginning you must measure how much you really want the desired end result and how much it will take to accomplish it.  What it may take is only up to your discretion because not everyone starts at the same place in life. For example, when I decided to try-out for the volleyball team in Jr. High, I realized that some of my peers had previous experience in volleyball camps and AAU.  I on the other hand, was just learning the concept of the game let alone learning the proper exercises it took to play the game.  I knew in order to compete and be on the team I have to workout longer, I had to research the game a bit longer than my peers, because they were well ahead of me.  It took me until my sophomore year to make the team and I was excited, even ended up the end of my junior year considering an athletic scholarship.

I will be honest, that I have lost more that I have won, and every single time that I have won, because of those loses winning was so much greater.  Now when I am references winning, I am not only talking about winning a game, but being able to accomplish something I wasn’t able to do before, like spiking a ball, making an ace, advancing the number of points I scored, etc.

When getting an unfavorable result, you must always remember that how you respond to it determines your next success and goals.  Also, through those unfavorable results, you must realized that the effort you put in has made you better and that much closer to success.  Not everything is in our control and knowing this can make life a lot more livable and enjoyable.

This concept can be used in the business world as well. Owning your own business, working to gt promoted to the next promotion, getting the next sell is not easy.  It is very important to understand that one will receive more ‘no’s’ than they will a ‘yes’ and with that it doesn’t measure your worth.  If you have a desire and really want something accomplished never give up, search for unconventional ways to accomplish something, there is never one way to do anything.

So enjoy your life, enjoy the process, enjoy your everyday growth, because when the effort you can control pays off you will be mighty glad about the results.


Sometimes You Have To Frequently Ask, ‘Is It Worth It?’


The title of this blog is not to question if your goal, business or ambition is worth it, but rather are the things you are doing to achieve these things are worth it? This is suggesting that before pursuing that goal, business or ambition you have already confirmed it as worth it.

There have been many examples of individuals who work to stay busy and have nothing to show for it. The difference between being busy and productive is often overlooked. Many of us have heard the saying, ‘Work smarter, not harder’. This saying refers to making sure your work has purpose and moves you closer to your goals verse just doing things to feel as if progress is being made. Frustration can occur for those whose head is buried in a list of ‘to-do’s’ and once they look up are still in the same place that they started.

I prefer to work both smarter and harder. The order of ‘smarter’ and ‘harder’ is very important to note, because if you work smarter you allow yourself to have the energy to work harder on those ‘smarter’ tasks. If you work smarter, it eliminates many things that have no purpose and save your energy for the work that will make a difference. Often times there are situations where people will work so hard by the time they get to a task that really matters they are too drained to complete it properly. Working smarter will allow them to avoid spreading themselves too thin.

Working harder and not working smarter slows down the progress of success, can cause stress, break you down mentality and physically. It is very important to grasp this concept in order to move forward with the things that you want to enjoy in life. To also have time for the things that matter in life like family.

I catch myself doing a lot of busy work too, wanting to work hard but neglect that not everything is necessary to do. One big thing that helps me stay focused on my goals is asking myself ‘is it worth it’ about every task. Now that doesn’t mean I just want to do the bare minimal. I want to be able to access my full energy mentally and physical for a task that would be most beneficially. It can also allow me to work on other things if I was able to cut down my work load working smarter. This is why I enjoy working smarter and harder.

Let’s not overwhelm ourselves with busy work that does not allow us to move forward in our lives, but work smarter so if you’re an individual who loves to work you’ll be able to allocate time to work smarter on other things as well.


We Must Live in The Now


In life there is so much to look forward to, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, a job promotion, future vacation plans and many more exciting things. All wonderful things to look forward to, but do we ever find ourselves looking so far ahead that we forget to live in the now and miss exciting things that are happening in the moment? Do we ever miss the gems of today?

It is a great thing to prepare for tomorrow, but it is also great to make sure that we enjoy the blessings of today. We must celebrate the day every chance we get, because the present is most certainly a gift to cherish. Your preparation for the future could very well be your gem to celebrate as my previous blog post, enjoying the grind, suggests, but just make sure your thoughts aren’t so buried into the future that you almost feel like you missed today.

A young lady may be preparing for a big race, and preparation is key in order for her to be successful. If she focuses more on what she can do today for her preparation verse spending all her thoughts, energy and time on how big the race is and becoming fearful or nervous, she would be able to allow herself to get the most out of her preparation.

For instance, a young man may want to start a clothing line, and when you think about all the things that are involved in owning a clothing store, one may get overwhelmed. But, if he breaks the tasks down and only focuses on one task at a time, he will be able to complete it properly and in a timely manner. Most times focusing on too many things can allow for procrastination and things taking longer than they should.

Another example of this could be a parent attending their child’s football game, and the parent is buried in their phone, planning for tomorrow or work assignment, but completely misses any great play their child had. Spend time on things you can control and that is what is going on in the present.

Sometimes we all just have to take a step back and enjoy the flowers. Sometimes, things go longer as planned, but that offers a longer opportunity to enjoy what is given to you. I am completely guilty of not always focusing on the now. Out somewhere while suppose to be enjoying the event, but thinking about all the things I have to do. Missing out on a great experience that can create great memories, and not allowing my full attention and energy to be involved in an opportunity that was set-up for me, that I decided to attend, that now that I am there have no more control over the work I may have to do because I cannot complete it at the event anyways.

A spin off of this is someone thinking about the past, and not being able to enjoy what’s going on today. Some individuals will also make others that they are interacting with today pay for what has happened in the past. Not realizing that every situation is new, now that doesn’t mean you don’t approach a situation with wisdom, just don’t let past hurts create new fears of today.

A young lady may have had many business failures or failures in general and comes scared in every decision that she makes for her future goals. She must realized that every situation is new and its’ own. Now, keep in we must use wisdom, but some only think about how things have turned out for them in the past when dealing with current and new situations.

Live in the now, enjoy the company of others, focus your thoughts and energy on today or an outing you plan to attend. Take time to relieve yourself from the stress and worries of the world sometimes.

I challenge you, to start being intentional about living in the now, paying much attention to the situation and experiences that you are in. If you already do this, that is wonderful!


We Have to Enjoy the Grind

Many times an individual will wish or dream about having something in their life. This could include a new item, a new career, a relationship and much more, but what many tend to neglect is the grind that is required to receive what they have a desire for. Some may even understand the grind, but remain so focus on the end goal, that they completely miss the journey.

To be honest, many times the journey, well in this case the grind, may not be so pleasant. It may cause hard work, pushing yourself past limits you’ve never imagined, sweat, tears, and scars. The grind could even cause individuals to fall and break down, they may even begin to make the grind an enemy and hate it. What I have learned is that attitude really does change the outlook and outcome of a situation.

One may ask, why should I enjoy the grind, why enjoy something that caused me so much struggle and pain, so many bumps and bruises? Why enjoy sometime that just seemed to be in the way. Why? Because you never want anything just handed to you. Nothing is free in life, and if something is just handed to you, then you cheated yourself out of an experience that you could have learned from and gained knowledge that could possibly help you in the future.

If an individual enjoyed the grind, they will start to approach every situation differently, without fear, as a journey, an opportunity to gain great relationships, gain new insight, a chance to become better than they were before. An individual who enjoys their grind would realize how much there is to gain through the grind and will try to capitalize on it and even learn how they should prepare themselves before attempting a challenge.

Some who hate the grind, despise it, and fears it, may walk through their grind with their eyes closed, upset and shuffling their feet because they dread it, every time it’s brought up. It may even have them question if they really want their goal in the first place. Creating other plans just in case they are not strong enough to complete the first one. The one who does not enjoy the grind may question if this route is the one for them, but the one who enjoys it believes that this route was made for them. Made for them to dominate and overcome it to receive what they have desired to obtain.

After much hard work and dedication the prize that is given after the grind, becomes much more valuable than what was expected in the beginning. It becomes lessons learned, great relationships, other promising opportunities, a trophy. Once the prize is in hand, the one who enjoyed the grind, who made it through the grind will appreciate and take care of their prize because they knew what it took in order to obtain it.


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