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We Have to Enjoy the Grind

Many times an individual will wish or dream about having something in their life. This could include a new item, a new career, a relationship and much more, but what many tend to neglect is the grind that is required to receive what they have a desire for. Some may even understand the grind, but remain so focus on the end goal, that they completely miss the journey.

To be honest, many times the journey, well in this case the grind, may not be so pleasant. It may cause hard work, pushing yourself past limits you’ve never imagined, sweat, tears, and scars. The grind could even cause individuals to fall and break down, they may even begin to make the grind an enemy and hate it. What I have learned is that attitude really does change the outlook and outcome of a situation.

One may ask, why should I enjoy the grind, why enjoy something that caused me so much struggle and pain, so many bumps and bruises? Why enjoy sometime that just seemed to be in the way. Why? Because you never want anything just handed to you. Nothing is free in life, and if something is just handed to you, then you cheated yourself out of an experience that you could have learned from and gained knowledge that could possibly help you in the future.

If an individual enjoyed the grind, they will start to approach every situation differently, without fear, as a journey, an opportunity to gain great relationships, gain new insight, a chance to become better than they were before. An individual who enjoys their grind would realize how much there is to gain through the grind and will try to capitalize on it and even learn how they should prepare themselves before attempting a challenge.

Some who hate the grind, despise it, and fears it, may walk through their grind with their eyes closed, upset and shuffling their feet because they dread it, every time it’s brought up. It may even have them question if they really want their goal in the first place. Creating other plans just in case they are not strong enough to complete the first one. The one who does not enjoy the grind may question if this route is the one for them, but the one who enjoys it believes that this route was made for them. Made for them to dominate and overcome it to receive what they have desired to obtain.

After much hard work and dedication the prize that is given after the grind, becomes much more valuable than what was expected in the beginning. It becomes lessons learned, great relationships, other promising opportunities, a trophy. Once the prize is in hand, the one who enjoyed the grind, who made it through the grind will appreciate and take care of their prize because they knew what it took in order to obtain it.